What we do

Sporting Journal Radio | Voice Overs | Outdoor Photography | Videography | Raising Tiny | North American Waterfowl | Social Media | Website Design |

We are a creative company that specializes in visual storytelling. We work with the award-winning Prairie Sportsman TV show, Sporting Journal Radio video podcast, Tazin TV and more. We also manage social channels for various brands such as Smith’s Consumer Products. We’re also responsible behind the scenes for product photography and video, promotional video, website creation and management and more.

Sporting Journal Radio can be heard on 30 stations across Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Iowa. In 2020, we transitioned the show to video and now it can be watched as well as listened to. This has created a unique outdoor show unlike anything else in the region. This show features the latest hunting, fishing and outdoor-related content and has advertising and interview opportunities. The show began in 2012 and is also available “On Demand” and by subscribing to various podcast apps.

Eargrabber is a voice-over agency created in 2005, featuring professional voice over talent. If you need narration for a video, radio commercials or other audio production, we can help.

Other services include photography, videography, website creation, social media channel creation and management, print materials such as brochures and more.

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